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About Me


Having found my life partner later in life, I knew if we wanted a family we would need to get going. So after we got married in 2004, this became the new goal. I was working in the corporate sector being groomed for director position and realized that this was not in alignment with our family goal. I needed a job that gave me freedom, flexibility and passion. Thus I went back into study mode and became a life coach. This journey in itself was amazing as I needed to sort out my past issues and become more aware and empowered in the process. I am still on this journey. I have gained more tools to help others whilst helping myself break down some negative beliefs I had about myself and the world.

Since I was young I knew I would be a mum later in life. How I was going to become one that was unclear. I knew in my heart and soul that I wanted to carry a baby.

Our story is your typical IVF roller-coaster, filled with not knowing where to turn, having hope, joy quickly followed by disappointments. We learned to weather the storm and brace ourselves for all the uncertainty it brings. It tested our relationship and with this gave us strength to keep on our baby goal. It consumed me for a long time and made us retreat in our own emotions and avoid certain social gatherings. Once unsuccessful pregnancy early in our marathon taught us that it was possible. So we persevered and kept positive about our ultimate dream. Our quest took us to unfamiliar places in our minds and in our hearts over a period of 3.5 years.

Infertility affects you not just physically, but also mentally, spiritually, emotionally and financially. It impacts the relationships you have with your family, friends, your partner and yourself. The conversations we had were deep, our conflicts made us stronger as a couple and we made a promise to support each other no matter what!

In December 29th 2008 our beautiful baby girl was born

In hindsight each failed attempt led us to our precious baby.

We welcomed baby number two, our son 25 months later and our family was complete.

Now I am removed from the emotional attachment this brings and my mission is to assist other couples/single people going through infertility challenges.

This coupled with my Life Coaching qualification, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Hypnosis and optimistic attitude I know I can assist you and your partner in this journey.

I know what infertility can do to you and the impact it has on everyone around you.  This is the time to get resourceful and empowered.

With a fertility coach by your side, you will save energy, time and heartache by making informed choices.