Book Review Avalanche-By Julia Leigh

It has taken me a while to write this book review, as I really enjoy reading about personal struggles in particular about ‘infertility’. This book hit me hard. I am a positive thinker about infertility and if the woman/couple Really want a child then they will find a way. I honestly believe that. After all we too walked this path and we had to explore many options to create our beautiful family. Like Julia we had many obstacles to overcome and deciding to use a donor was the only way for us. We all need to decide what we are comfortable with and when enough is enough.

This book did not have a happy ending, it was written shortly after Julia decided to stop treatment and move on with her life childless.

That is what hit me so hard. I felt for her in so many ways, her struggle and her tunnel vision to do what she had to do to keep on the roller-coaster ride. This is a raw book with many crossroads and she made some major decisions in her 20’s to find herself in her late 30’s and early 40’s trying so hard to conceive a child. She had options and she decided what was best for her, so much courage to share her personal story and to put it all out there. And also the love connection she finds with her niece, as bittersweet as that is, that is her closure.

I personally know that going through IVF will test your relationships with others, your partner, family and with yourself to the most inner core level. It is a journey we did not volunteer for, but it found us just the same. How we weather that journey is the key, what factors we can control and what is completely left to the universe to decide. Julia made her decision, that takes surmountable strength.

I applaud her stamina to keep going without children, for me that was not an option. Her courage and her willingness to be open about her struggle and to come out the other end, “to love widely and intensely”. Beautifully said.

I just hope she continues to find her love connections out there somewhere…

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