Keep Believing

It is one of those things when you really want a baby and you have the odds stacked against you, it is a monumental wish as you discover obstacle after obstacle. Something so natural can become so clinical as you get your cycle regulated it can take on a scientific approach. For some couples no matter what they do they just cannot fall pregnant, and they take a different path. For the lucky ones we are blessed with carrying a baby and then life really begins, so to speak. As we have placed so much on hold until this miracle arrives in our arms.

Having faith helps, I believe that being positive and treating your body as your temple by feeding it good fertile foods, exercise, reducing your exposure to toxins,  and  having a good support network will all help you achieve your outcome. Sure there are factors to consider like your medical history and your age. Yes your age has such an impact on fertility, yet you read about celebrities having babies in their mid to late forties and this gives you hope.

Also looking at your environment, having it as toxic free as possible, that can also assist. I don’t mean you should live in a sanitary bubble with face marks and rubber gloves, just some common sense measures like: fewer chemicals around your house, with respect to cleaning products, the make-up you use and including minimizing the use of plastics in the kitchen.

We live in a fast paced world, that is true yet with fertility we need to take our time to get it all synchronized and in harmony, our cycle, our timing, our inner health, and be in the flow that needs to happen. Having stress-free strategies when we feel like a mess and also being kind to ourselves when we eat the wrong foods. It is an emotional journey and it takes us to so many places in our heart, we can become sad at the sight of seeing a pregnant lady or teary when we see our best friend holding her newborn. Infertility does that to you. So no matter what keep believing that your turn will come.

On a personal note, as many of you know we have been trying for number 2 and last week I had my 12 week scan and glad to report all going well. This has been such a wonderful year for us and our little girl will soon have a playmate.

So keep believing.

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