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You Must Struggle

Something my yoga teacher mentioned last week sounded so true to me, on our path of infertility. He talked about yoga and the fact that it is not a walk in the park, you must struggle this is the only way for evolution. Evolution for the mind and body and I also associated this to the evolution of the species.

I mean even the act of conception is a struggle, for the sperm to reach the golden egg and fertilize it, that is a struggle, given that there are no fertility challenges along the way. However as I have mentioned in previous blogs 1 in 6 couples will be challenged to even conceive naturally and thus they need to struggle some more!

Yes they do! Having each part of their reproductive organs looked at from different perspectives multiply this by the age of the women, as most of us are in our ‘advanced age of reproduction’ and voila there you have your recipe for struggle. Or you can choose not to know what the exact issue is; you just take your struggle and wonder why each assisted conception cycle doesn’t work.  You consult the so called specialists and hope one has the answer for your dilemma as you desperately want this to work. You try different protocols, plus you consult other alternative therapies to reduce the stress levels.

Because when you struggle you have stress and we all know that stress impacts fertility.

All you want is to evolve from this state and become pregnant, stay pregnant and 40 weeks or so, give birth that is the objective, yet you know the struggle is there, day in day out, you cannot escape it.

In life there is struggle anyway, in some shape or form, just see this as your personal fertility struggle that has an end either way, just remember how you go about it, with optimism and gratefulness or are you resentful and angry?

I say your attitude towards the struggle is paramount; you need to be calm, have some kind of happiness in your life and know that you have done everything possible towards achieving your outcome; this will make the struggle less difficult and give you some sense of control and resolve.

So embrace your struggle you cannot escape it, just approach it with lightness and determination.

One thought on “You Must Struggle

  1. I haven’t even gotten past the secnod paragraph (I promise I’ll go back and finish!) and I’m shocked at the similiarities we too started TTC when we were 26 and we just turned 30. However, we’re in the midst of IVF #1 right now and it’s probably going to convert to frozen embryos and FET later this summer. We also have a plan for every letter of the alphabet if this doesn’t work but we’re still thinking positively. Okay, I’ll go back and read now!

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