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Today I want to talk about keeping your balance whilst on the Trying to have a baby journey. No matter how long you have been working on having a baby, this challenge will test you and for many, I know as I was one of them, you will be completely consumed by this goal, nothing else will matter, you will neglect other areas in your life like relationships, and perhaps your own health. So let’s talk about where you are right now. Perhaps you are..

• Just starting out and you may not know what the next step is, keep trying naturally, have more tests done, or just get a GP referral and consult a Fertility Specialist.
• You maybe already trying with IVF , have had a negative result and waiting to go again.
• You feel like you are keeping a dark secret as no one at work or in your family knows what you and your partner are going through
• You feel overwhelmed and lost and wondering when will you finally fall pregnant.

There are so many stages to this infertility marathon, you need to learn to pace yourself whilst taking good care or you.. Here are some of my 10 Tips for keeping it together during this ‘testing time’

• 1) Take time for your significant relationship, talk, cuddle, cry together and remember you both have feelings and emotions about what you are embarking on together, you are a team

• 2) Nurture yourself, get a massage or a manicure something for you, treating yourself makes you feel better and gives you back some ‘me time’ instead of just thinking about all those possibilities.

• 3) Make a plan and stick to it, if you have set a time limit or financial limit on how many attempts you will undergo, keep this in mind. You will get over this phase just keep it real.

• 4) Be honest with what needs to happen, if you are looking down the path of donor eggs/sperm/embryo, think about what this really means for you as a couple and how you have decided to create your family. We all have our limits. What is realistic for you?

• 5) Keep a journal, this is your personal account of what you are going through, each day will bring different challenges and also write down each day what you are grateful for. It is important to keep positive even when this is testing you to the limit. Each day give thanks for something, the warm sun rays on your face, the special note your partner left you, the coffee you shared with a good friend, etc. Find just something each day and this will help you keep focused and mindful of what the day brings.

• 6) Give yourself a break if you haven’t come up for air and are completely in the “fertility bubble’ STOP and take time out. This will enable your body to recover from whatever treatments you are undergoing and give you time to reassess the situation.

• 7) If you are finding hard to keep positive and balanced in other areas in your life, seek out professional help, a fertility coach has been in your shoes and completely understands your situation. Have a chat and off load some of the weight you have been carrying.

• 8) Find a support group, there are so many around, on FB, online forums, at your fertility clinic, find a group of women who share your journey with, this helps to lighten the load and to compare notes and ideas.

• 9) Create a Baby Vision Board. Collect pictures of babies and paste these on your board, feel the feelings of having this come true. Whatever you do keep positive that your dream of being a parent will be realised.

• 10) Keep believing, there are so many ways to create a family these days, explore all your options.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have found some useful tips, if you would like more information or would like to contact me, please do so, you are not alone.

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