Your Year In Summary

There is only one day left in this year, and as we prepare for 2016, we look back to what was our own personal 2015. For me it held many wonderful memories and some challenging times too. My children are expanding their wings and becoming more autonomous. We traveled to Europe for 6 weeks a highlight for sure, many re-connections with new and old friends. Leaving my family to create my own time that was interesting and liberating too. I did miss them all and feel having that time apart made me appreciate them even more, especially my husband.

I also made a few new friends from my daughters’ school that was a bonus as being a parent you need to create your own community and find support. Personally I haven’t been fitter, as I enter my 48th year on this glorious earth, I find myself achieving more calmness and stillness in my Bikram yoga practice, something which I plan on maintaining in 2016.

Professionally I did a little with my own coaching work, not much I must confess, this year 2015 was dedicated to nurturing my children. I choose to be present for my children and be there for them, creating memories and not feel conflicted to be doing everything at once. What a wonderful feeling to have that time. In 2016 this will change as my youngest goes to big school and current routines will be impacted. Plus I need the professional stimulation to get back and help others achieve their own goals and inspire them to become more accountable to live their life congruently. This is where I feel my purpose is. I realise that once I get my work in flow I will be in alignment with my mission and purpose thus the family will benefit in so many ways, as I often say once you fill your own cup, it will overflow to others, it’s natural and so organic to watch it happen.

If you are still on the infertility roller-coaster, keep believing and continue your journey, reassess where you are, take a break, love those around you and know you will be a parent, sometimes taking stock of what is around you gives you perspective, and next attempt do something different. Contact me for a confidential talk, I am here for you.

To those who seek change in 2016, think about what you have accomplished this year? What needs to be improved and what are you willing to give up in order to get it? Be gentle with yourself if you haven’t accomplished all your 2015 goals, celebrate your successes no matter how small they are, it is a start, and contact me in 2016 to make those other goals matter, because living your truth matters. Believe me, I have been in your shoes and living on the fence serves no purpose.

So goodbye 2015 it was a Great Year, so many learnings and more gratitude of what is in my world. For that I give Thanks.

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